The NY Times Book Tag

The NY Times Book Tag! Check out on my new blog!


This is my first book tag! Thanks to  Giovanna @Book Coma for tagging me!

I’m really excited to do this.



I started this book, raved about it, and then put it down to start this other book. I really have to get back to this one and finish it. No offence, Mr. Westerfeld, but you gotta admit that the book is a little dull.




This was definitely the best novel I’ve ever read. I don’t think this one needs any justification.

3. ny



Yes. The author I would freaking love to meet is Roald Dahl. This answer can easily be predicted to those who’ve read the posts I write ranting about him.

What would I want to ask him? Hmm, let’s see. I would ask him, “Why did you freaking have to die, Mr. Dahl? Couldn’t you have waited until I was old enough to meet you in person?” 

4. ny



Now, if…

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